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Last updated: May 25, 2021

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About Cash For Cars in Los Angeles

We take pride in being able to offer consumers a better alternative to trading in their used car, lease buybacks or going through the hassles of selling your used car privately. Since then, our professional car buying service has grown to include our own in house DMV department. What that means to you is no more DMV hassles. When you sell you car to us, we handle the entire transaction, filing all the necessary documents for the Department Of Motor Vehicles so there is no chance of some unknown buyer driving around on your registration, increasing your risk of liability. Our profesional staff can provide a safe solution to properly transferring the ownership of your car without the hassle of you having to go to your local DMV office. That alone is priceless!

We are all about providing the best service to you, our customer. And like many long time customers, we welcome you to the Cash For Cars in Los Angeles family, many of whom have been selling and buying cars with us for generations. We will give you the best offer because we have also established a reputation for honesty and fairness. We also have an auto broker's network nationwide. What that means to you is, we can buy your car right away because we'll have a customer looking for the kind of vehicle you have to sell.

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KBB revises their used car prices every 7 days and mostly down. It takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days to sell your car privately. In that amount of time your car could lose thousands of dollars in value, so sell your car to us today and lock in the highest price.

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